Release Notes - Samooha-S Version 2.0

The Samooha team would like to announce the release of Samooha-S 2.0

This document maintains the history of changes made to the Samooha project on SourceForge. Changes are chronologically ordered from top (most recent) to bottom (least recent).

27th November, 2006 - Version 2.0

This is a major release as there are some technical changes. The 2.0 release will be incompatible with 1.x series. The new version contains the following improvements:

  • Migrated to run on Java 5.0.
  • Migrated to run on Derby database as default
  • Improved registration to register email for recieving community newsletter.
  • Includes development version of Intant Messenger
  • Includes development version of shared Workspaces
  • Enhancement in current stock calculation. Purchase price considered instead of Standard Price
  • Overall performance improvements.

The next version (2.1) is scheduled for first week of Jan 2007. The release is focused on completing some new modules like Instant Messenger and Shared Workspaces along with enhancements to existing modules.
As always, we appreciate feedback and contributions to the project!

27th July, 2006 - Version 1.5

The new version contains the following improvements:

  • Check for database connection during login, if failed, open DB preferences editor.
  • Improved JPF boot configuration.
  • Build site pages using JXP but by using Maven CSS!
  • Build rpm package for linux based systems.
  • Overall performance improvements.

The next version (1.6) is scheduled for August and will continue to add new features to the existing modules.
Feedback on new or existing features will be much appreciated.

7th Jun, 2006 - Version 1.4.1

This is a maintenance release, fixing few blocking bugs found in previous release.

  • Periodic Reports in Sales and Purchase Views are not opening using Hsql DB.
  • Jxta configurator is not selecting external IP for HTTP connection.
  • Added a new plugin 'com.zit.samo.softmarket' for Software Market

29th May, 2006 - Version 1.4

This is a maintenance release, fixing a number of issues found in previous 1.3 release and a few new feature additions.

Functional Changes

  • RFQ Received is no longer available in the Purchase View, so it reduces on step in the process.
  • From the RFQ Received message, user can directly create the Quotation.
  • Manually the Quotation Received / RFQ Response can be created and processed.
  • Periodic Reports for Purchase module : Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or Within two selected Dates reports can be generated for RFQs, Quotations Received, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Note (GRN)s, Vendor Invoices and Returned To Vendor.
  • Periodic Reports for Sales module : Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or Within two selected Dates reports can be generated for Quotations, Sales Orders, Shipment / Delivery Notes, Sales / Customer Invoice and Customer Returns.
  • For Repeat Orders : Create Order Items by searching and selecting old order.
  • Copying of sample import files (for product and stock) in to user selected directory.
  • Added drill down feature in Reports of orders, invoices and material movements.
  • Fixed a bug in price list change, calculation of grand total in incomplete orders,invoices and material movements.
  • Fixed : Material Movement and Material Request transactions in Inventory module has been corrected.

Technical Changes:

  • Fixed : Calculator, Calendar and LookupFields donot buffer value on change with valid data by setting setCommitsOnValidEdit(true);
  • Fixed : Presentation is not in syncronizing and loading from database on 'refresh' action in child tab of MasterForm.
  • Fixed : When ComboBox is disabled, on right-click, popup shouldn't be shown.
  • Fixed : If lookup field is disabled, the update in popup (for right click event) should be removed.

03rd May, 2006 - Version 1.3

Functional Changes

  • Added Purchase Requisition that allows any employee to request for a particular product to be purchased.
  • Added a process to create Purchase Orders from pending Requisitions.
  • Group wise i.e. Date/Customer/Product wise Reports for RFQ and Vendor returns.
  • Fixed an issue in GRN Report with Grand Total calculation.
  • Added Discount Schema that allows giving discount to a customer if the purchased quantity of a given product exceeds the defined quantity.
  • Customer Returns supports Replacement, Rework, Refund and scrapped quantity is added for individual items.
  • Group wise i.e. Date/Customer/Product wise Reports for Quotation and Customer returns.
  • Fixed an issue in Shipment Report with Grand Total calculation.
  • Cost Center is implemented. User can create the cost center.
  • Cost Category Summary Report is implemented.
  • Cost Center Option is added in Ledger.
  • Cost centre can be any unit of an organisation to which transactions can be allocated. When only costs or expenses are allocated to these units, they are referred to as cost centres.
  • Cost Categories are required for allocation of resources to parallel sets of cost centres.
  • Added Import feature which can be extended by other plugins to import user data like, products, employees details, pricelist, etc. either in CSV or XLS (Windows only) format.
  • Added Product Imports with a specified format
  • Added feature to maintain the Address Book with heirarchical groups and easy search options.
  • Added feature to Send E-Mail with attachments with easy address selection
  • Search response has been improved by adding cache for storing search results. This cache keeps only most recently searched results.
  • Preferences gives user an option to set the cache's memory capacity.

Technical Changes:

  • Refactored the ViewManager to work in true spirit of JPF plugins and allowed many view xmls to register to a single model with relative weights and references to item-groups in other xml files.
  • Refactored TaskPane Manager to allow registering multiple xml files and tasks can be now added with relative weights.
  • Added PopUp on ComboBox right-click to refresh/reload the data from DB.
  • Select first item in a Combo on NEW button Click in the Master Form for better user experiance.

18th April, 2006 - Version 1.2

  • Mazor Bug fix release.

30th March, 2006 - Version 1.1

  • Initial Stable Version