Business Partners

Samooha is all about participation, cooperation and partnering for progress. Here are few categories of partners listed by us. We will be including a few more as and when we realize that we have left them out!!

Enterprise Information Infrastructure Providers

EII providers will find it very attractive to offer Samooha as a great option for entreprises that are starting off now with their IT strategy. The flexibility, scalablity and extensibility of the platform is key for their decision to recommend Samooha.

Independent Software Vendors

Independent Software Vendors will find Samooha an ideal platform to deliver their business solution offering by developing plug-in that sits over the base platform and enhances the horizontal features or provides vertical specific / point solutions as per customer needs.

OEMs and PC brands

Samooha brings maximum beneifts to OEMs and PC brands as they can offer best of the business operating system that resides over any underlying desktop operating system thereby adding new markets for their own IT/Hardware product offerings. This segment has a role to play by advertising and patronising Samooha which is determined to add millions of computers to the global internetworking.

Internet Service Providers

This is another category that has direct benefits as Samooha promotes the concept of always-on internet connection to operate in a distrubuted computing environment that connects any business user's PC with another anywhere in the world. Samooha works through a router that deligates/routes the messages to appropriate destination.

Join Samooha-S Open Business Software Partner Program.

Samooha adopts a business software partnering model that proposes a strong bonding between members adopting the platform to offer IT/EII/ERP services to SMEs in their respective territory.

Samooha has a road map to cater to all segments of the industry starting from small businesses and has programs that would be highly beneficial to members of the partner program and end users.

Samooha is working out the possibilities of associating with standard bodies and consortia such as GS1 US and Rosettanet to bring interoperability benefits to SME segment which is otherwise a privilege to large MNCs.

At present, the regional cooperative territories are divided as follows:

  • European Union and UK (EU)
  • India
  • China and ASEAN
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Other Emerging Markets

For Member benefits and further details related to Samooha-S Open Business Software Partnering please write to