Point Of Sales (POS) Module

Samooha provides retailing option integrated with EFT POS Terminal T-450CTN manufactured by Tripletech.

EFT POS Terminal T-450CTN Device

Main features of EFT POS Terminal T-450CTN are :

  • Linux Operating system
  • Internet environment (TCP/IP support for e-mail, ftp, web application)
  • Disk file system support
  • C/C++ compiler linker support
  • LAN Port Interface and has integrated Modem
  • Credit, Debit & Smart Card handling capability in one
  • Inbuilt Printer that has 2" in Line Terminal and can print up to 20 lines per second with graphics capability

This POS Terminal connects to Samooha Server and gets the stock details allocated to that retailer. After issuing the products to a customer, those details will be again sent to server and server will update the quantity and transactions will be stored. The retailer can print the bill with all details.

A sample print out taken after issuing few items :