Company Profile

Samooha user can provide basic details about his company like, Company Name, Contact Person, Business Type, etc. User can also give a complete description about the company in AboutUs. This information will be shown when other users search for the company. So provide more information to get more visibility for the company.

User can also provide a list of trust certificates, that the company has been awarded with, to build more trust amongst its customers or vendors.


Samooha allows multiple branches to exist for the company with details like branch name, address, supervisor and parent branch (if any) etc.


Samooha also allows multiple departments under a particular branch with details like department name, supervisor, etc.


In Samooha user can key in any no. of employees with details like name, employee type, contact information, department, branch, user name and password to login to Samooha

User can also assign different roles to different users which is very useful in multi user configuration.

Roles and Access Rights

Roles can be defined with access rights assigned for branch(es) and different views. An employee can be assigned with one or many roles.


Here goes a list of features in the roadmap for Company Module.

  • Preview Company Profile as it is seen when shown in search results.
  • Provide the Company's Website URL and open inside a browser on click.
  • Show Heirarchical Organization Chart in a graphical manner with few details like Company's CEO, Branch's Head, etc. and allow easy navigation.
  • Attach additional Documents like, Presentations, PDFs etc. with breif description, for a Company and show them in search results in a list, so that the user can download or view those documents.
  • Add HTML Editor support for AboutUs and Description fields and also show them in search accordingly.
  • Provide Multiple keywords search and Semantic search (if possible!).
  • Add a list of Operating Regions for branches and use this information to show the search results from nearby area.
  • Allow multiple Interest Area (with keywords defined) to be filled in for branches, departments and employees.
  • Provide options to :
    • Disable searching profiles and establish contacts by sending or receiving profile as an attachment in a mail to partners.
    • Wait for approval before sending (online) profile information to requests from others for adding to their contact list.
    • Send the profile automatically without prompting but notify later.
  • Access Rights: Allow System administrator to define which module(s) may be accessed, which program(s) within an approved module may be accessed, and what data capabilities the user has within each program (e.g. add, change, delete, inquire) from accessible Branch(es).

    With these Four Levels of Security, users should be provided with functionality they need without over-exposing sensitive system information or compromising data integrity. Selected users can have private data not accessible by others, except for a user with access to all private data of children (But he shouldn't have access to private data of others children).

  • Allow Multiple Companies to exist in a single business entity (ASP Model).

    Supervising Entity

    System Administrator

    Branch Manager

    Department Head

  • TODO