Download - Samooha-S 2.0

Latest release, Samooha Version 2.0, with full features is available for FREE download and unlimited usage. Bundled distribution is available for Windows and Linux / Other Operating Systems.
See the Getting Started for basic steps to be followed while registration and later. See the release notes for detailed list of changes made to this version like 'New Features added', 'Imrovements to existing feature', 'Bugs Fixed', etc.

Operating System File Size
Windows Samooha-S-2.0-WithJRE.exe
36 MB
24 MB
Linux Samooha-S-2.0-WithoutJRE.rpm 24 MB
  Others 24 MB

For warranty and professional support e-mail to

System Requirements

Preferred Hardware Environment for better performance and Software Requirements for running Samooha.

Processor Speed 1.2 GHz or more
RAM 256 MB or more
Operating System Windows XP/2000, Linux FC3+
JAVA JRE-1.5 or higher

Installation Instructions

Windows 2000/XP
Double click on the exe and follow the installation steps.
Linux / Others
Download and install JRE 1.5 from Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable. Unzip the distribution file and execute 'sh' command. or execute 'java -Xmx256m -jar lib/launcher.jar' from the directory where samooha is installed.
To install RPM package, 'rpm -i --nodeps Samooha-S-2.0-WithoutJRE.rpm'. Then you can run it using command 'samoohas'.